Welcome to Casa Amaranto

Vacation Rental

Bed & Breakfast

Delicious Food

In St. Christol de Rodières

Garden Project

Come as a guest, leave as a friend!

Vacation Rental

Enjoy your vacations in Casa Amaranto, an Old Provencal stone house, in the small village of St. Christol de Rodières in the south of France.

Bed & Breakfast

Stay in our charming room, La Jolie Chambre,  overlooking the garden, part of the main house.  We serve breakfast prepared fresh with organic ingredients and homemade bread.


Camp in our garden, with beautiful views of the woods and vineyards surrounding it.  A nice alternative to traditional accommodation.

Casa Amaranto offers an ideal base to visit and explore this beautiful part of France.  You can start here on many hiking trails passing by St. Christol de Rodières.

Learn how to make organic bread and pizza  in a wood fired oven,using only natural ingredients and traditional methods and take part on a hiking trail on the surroundings.

We began in March 2010 to prepare some part of our land as a sustainable garden in harmony with nature, following the principles of composting, diversity of plants, mulch, organic gardening for food and permaculture.